Easter Yin Yoga Indulgence

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Sunday 8th April 2018

10am – 12.30am

17th Harrow Scout Hut, The New Headquarters, Roxborough Park, Harrow HA1 3BE

Yin yoga is based on the Taoist theories of yin and yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature. Yin is the still, passive, softer, cooler and more hidden aspect of things; whilst yang is the changing, active, stronger revealing aspect.  Yin yoga poses are mat based and held for between 3-6 minutes, allowing the bodys’ deeper connective tissue to slowly stretch, soften and unwind tension in the muscle fibres, ligaments & tendons, increasing the energy flow throughout the body.

 This class invites you to let go of resistant habits and thoughts, to make way for new experiences, goals and desires. Just as trees let go of their leaves to allow new growth, we too can learn from nature and let go, to nurture our own personal growth. The quiet practice of Yin yoga will provide your body and mind the space it yearns to ‘just be’ to restore and enjoy the stillness where there is no competition, no need to impress nor self-beratement. 

Don’t expect to see a single DOWNWARD FACING DOG or PLANK POSE in this class!!   Aaaah ok maybe one because they feel soooooooo good!!  

We’ll also be exploring Pranayama – the science of breath. Breaking down the way we breathe to encourage improved oxygen saturation and transportation around the physical and causal body. Pranayama can help to build lung capacity, enhances energy levels, reduce anxiety & improves mental focus and clarity.

Bookings: £25

To reserve your place, please click here or book your place in class with Joanne.

Please bring a blanket, yoga blocks & belts if you have your own.

Attending Joanne’s classes has made a massive difference to my physical & mental wellbeing.Jo is an amazing teacher who makes the class a peaceful & calm place to be.  Mandy

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