What the students have to say!

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“Attending Joanne’s classes has made a massive difference to my physical & mental wellbeing. Jo is an amazing teacher who makes the class a peaceful & calm place to be.  Mandy”

I wanted to say thank you for what will soon be a whole year of yoga in your classes. I can’t tell you how much better I feel for practicing regularly and often leave on a Saturday morning feeling a completely different person to the one who walked in!
As well as the huge improvement in my ability to manage stress, I’ve had three compliments in the last week on my physical appearance – apparently I walk taller and look well. That’ll be yoga too! Anyway, just thought you might like to know that 90 mins in your class
is a great tonic and always gets my weekend off to the best start… thank you!  Philippa  

“Fab, thanks Joanne. I really do love your classes. I’ve tried other yoga classes and have never felt about them the way I do about yours (somewhat ‘itchy’ if I have to miss too many). It’s the one time in my life when it’s all about me; my body, my breath. I really do feel like they give me the strength to approach the rest of the week in a manner I can be proud of. 
Anyway, thank you, I think you’re amazing. ” Liz

I have being doing yoga for over 20 years now. I have attended many classes and experienced many amazing and inspiring teachers but Joanne is one exceptional teacher. I leave the class feeling energized and inspired. Joanne classes are a real mix of strengthening, relaxing and stretching poses and no two classes are the same. I have been inspired to sign up for yoga teachers training course because of Joanne. Thank you Joanne.”  Saroj

“Your classes will honestly be the thing I will miss the most and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I started coming to your classes after a pretty stressful year following the birth of my twins. I was out of shape and hadn’t had a spare minute to myself in 12 months and your classes became a sanctuary that I so looked forward to each week. You renewed my love of yoga, helped alleviate chronic back pain I’d be suffering from since falling pregnant and helped me to think and act with more purpose, clarity and resolution. Thank you, thank you a thousand times over.” Sophie

“Getting to the Saturday yoga class at Grims Dykes beautiful Rose Garden is what keeps me going during the week! Its utterly peaceful and relaxing and a great way to start the weekend.  Long may the warm weather continue”  Spru

“A brilliant experience that always leaves me feeling rejuvenated. The grounds are wonderful and practicing outdoors adds a new dynamic to an already dynamic class. Nothing beats lungs full of fresh air with a healthy dose of yoga! ”  Rebecca GP1040052_1000x750

“Initially I was reluctant but now a keen enthusiast.  Joanne’s unique way and style make group sessions feel as if they are individually tailored. They have met my objectives. Joanne has inspired me to attend regularly with energy, discipline and realistic expectations.  Most importantly the sessions have led me to tone my body and lose weight.”   Minesh

Joanne and her empowering yoga classes have been a tremendous help to me…..and it does what it says on the tin! Jo is an inspired teacher and manages to balance (yoga pun intended) the right amount of asanas, pranayama and a little bit of the philosophy behind yoga too. As an example, we have worked our way through the chakras, using sound and visualisations. I have been practising yoga for over 20 years with a variety of different teachers but I am still learning and I feel in a very safe pair of hands with Joanne. A truly lovely class and an inspired teacher. Thank you.”  Stephanie B
“Joanne’s Empowering Yoga classes are a beautiful & uplifting combination of flowing postures, core  strengthening poses and relaxation. I always leave the class feeling energised and grounded and ready to face the day. Joanne is a wonderfully intuitive teacher who guides you through the poses & the class withgentleness & encouragement that leaves you inspired.”                              Rebecca

“I started going to Jo’s yoga a few months ago and I really feel a stronger more confident person because of it – and my back is better. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her classes – when you try one you will be hooked!”  Emma G.
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“Just wanted to tell you how much I’m really enjoying the classes and feel so much better. Should’ve started this years ago!  Thanks also for your calm and helpful teaching techniques.”         Samantha

I absolutely honoured & loved my 121 sessions.  I felt very self-conscious and nervous about doing the session, but the space was held so wonderfully that I felt at ease throughout my sessions. The attention given on 121’s are invaluable, the whole session tailored to you individually. Joanne new exactly what I needed, using her gift with energy and connection to the moment, her facilitation was beautiful and the sessions flew by! I loved my 121’s, the best.                       Neelum, Private tuition.

“Lovely class and great instructor – Creates perfect platform to challenge yourself while finding some genuine peace by the end of the class – Recommend to all!”             Dhiren

“An excellent class this morning at the Windmill Studio, Ruislp…Joanne is a gentle & very knowledgeable instructor, one class & I felt in touch with my core strength and uplifted already! Thanks Joanne! ”                                  Deborah20140928_122221

“I feel re-energised after class & I enjoy the feeling of being more supple. I find the class particularly helps the back aches that I suffer from. ”   Stephanie V

“The things I really love about Jo’s classes are the variety (no two classes are the same), the incorporation of breathing exercises and meditation techniques and her attention to detail. The classes are challenging, which is good. Jo seems to know instinctively what level to pitch them at, without letting us take it too easy !  I have been reminded again that I love yoga and meditation and they they lead to relaxation and a sense of inner calm. “    Kathryn


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“I truly enjoy yoga class. It helps me to stay calm and balanced through the whole week.  I specially feel refreshed and happy after class. ”  Aliona



 “On Monday I woke up with a bout of scoliosis i.e my spine had gone into an s-shape, from having just competed in a sports event. I have had three private daily 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy Sessions with Joanne.  Joanne seemed to instinctually know what to do. She was able to get to my injury, open up my body and ease out my muscles and ligaments with precision. My spine is now fully aligned and I am standing tall and solid once again. Thanks”      Michael 

“I enjoy the vibe at both classes – Tues evening is more charged as everyone has had a day at work. Thurs am is very chilled but also very energising. I love the core work & stretching which is definitely helping to keep me from ‘seizing up’. I also enjoy the relaxation element and time for myself.”           Hazel


“Yoga classes are highly beneficial to me in this phase of my life because they help me control anxiety and be more focused on my work. I really like being able to improve in my postures class after class and I love stretching out during class too. They really help me relieve back pain which I sometimes feel when sitting for too long at my desk. ”    IlariaNSPCC class_warrior1500

“I like how you manage the class: the postures are difference from class to class – the explanation is clear – and you pay a lot of attention to the breathing. I enjoy the class and look forward to meeting you in January. I hope to improve my health with yoga and it looks like my body loves it.”     Evgeniya




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