Sports – Feedback from students

Thomasfirecamb_400x533_red“Yoga is part of my training plan since I was preparing my Spartan season. Once a week is the time for me to deeply stretch and elongate all my tight muscles and relax my mind and body. Depending on my needs and race schedule every session is different. Yoga became essential in my training because by increasing my balance and flexibility I’m reducing the risk of injuries which happen to be very high in my sport. As well it helps me to remain calm under pressure and to keep my focus before and during the race.  Those sessions are the perfect occasion to reconnect my body, my mind and my spirit together. Integrating yoga in your training plan is definitely a must if you are an athlete or if you are looking to improve your fitness level.”

Thomas Blanc – Elite Obstacle Racer – Spartan UK Champion 2013

“I started doing yoga to help improve my flexibility for Capoeira and wasn’t really too interested in anything else. What I found however is that not only was it improving my flexibility, I found that the little niggles and injuries that I sustained at Capoeira and playing football just melted away!

The class goes at a really great pace and now I really look forward to the meditation at the beginning and end of the class – Jo does a really good guided meditation that is incredibly relaxing at the end of a stressful day at work. I highly recommend the class.”

Milan Tailor

“I have been attending Jo’s classes for nearly a term now and I am really feeling the benefits. I am a fitness instructor myself teaching Pilates, Kettlebells, Running and Personal Training, but I found myself at Jo’s class having wanted to practice yoga for a while, regain some lost flexibility and gain some ‘me’ time.

I find Jo to be a very supportive, informative teacher and after only the first class I had learnt a lot about yoga. I have already regained some of my flexibility and when I leave the class I feel totally relaxed and energised. I would highly recommend Jo’s classes if you are looking for a local yoga class.”

Dee Clayton –  Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor

On Monday I woke up with a bout of scoliosis i.e my spine had gone into an s-shape, from having just competed in a sports event. I have had three private daily 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy Sessions with Joanne.  Joanne seemed to instinctually know what to do. She was able to get to my injury, open up my body and ease out my muscles and ligaments with precision.  My spine is now fully aligned and I am standing tall and solid once again.   Thanks, Michael”

Michael, Tri-athlete, obstacle course racer & coach.

“I am a personal trainer, practice martial arts and compete in obstacle course races. All of these require strength and power among many other abilities. However they all require a calm and focused mind, a flexible body and most of all patience. Yoga, as I found out, is not only about flexibility (a lot of people have this idea, as I did not very long ago), it also builds strength in a different way than the other sports, using different muscles.  It also teaches how we should breath correctly according to our body movements, which, when we concentrate, we forget to do.  I feel everything I do in yoga classes with Joanne relates to the other parts of my life, as a trainer and an athlete and also making me a better, calmer and more patient person.”

Alexandra Merisoiu – Personal Trainer, practices martial arts and obstacle course racing

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