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Yoga Mats

The most regularly recommended yoga mat for beginning your yoga journey and beyond, this sticky yoga mat will wear in to develop excellent grip to help your hands and feet stay static and slip free. At 4.5mm thick, our sticky mat is cushioned enough to protect knees, bottoms and backs from hard floors below, but not so dense that you can’t feel the floor beneath you to help hold steady in balances.

Size: 183cm x 61cm, 4.5mm thick
Weight: 1.4kg
Made from: High grade PVC (AZO, DOP, phthalate and latex free)
Certified: by SGS Laboratories
Suitable for: All styles of yoga
Care instructions: Machine washable

Colours currently available:  Black, purple, burgundy, pink & ocean green, turquoise, royal blue.

‘ I personally recommend these yoga mats because they’re textured and ‘super sticky’ so your hands and feet won’t slip. It’s really important to have the right mat, ‘exercise mats’ tend to be very smooth with no grip and may also slide around on a hard floor, ‘pilates mats’ are too thick and spongy which makes it tricky to balance and transition during standing sequences.  This mat is great value for money and they come in lots of fabulous colours. You’ll end up loving it, I promise.’


Price – £17

Empowering Yoga Mat Bags


Made from 100% cotton, the full length zip on this bag makes it even easy to access your yoga mat and saves your grappling with a drawstring top. It’s also got a concealed pocket inside to keep your valuables safe.

Wear slung over your shoulder, or across your body, using the adjustable strap to ensure it stays put. Far more convenient than tucking your yoga mat under your arm, this yoga mat bag gives you hands-free freedom to take your yoga mat anywhere with you on your travels.


Available in the following colours to contrast with your yoga mat:

  • Saffron
  • Black
  • Deep purple
  • Hot pink
  • Burgundy
  • Royal Blue
  • Ocean Green

Price – £16

Yoga Kit Bags

This fabulous yoga kit bag will fit all your yoga essentials.

Made from 100% cotton, has a zipped pocket on the inside for your valuables, a hard lining on the bottom and double zip for easy access. Teachers choice!!

Available in Ocean Green, Black & Purple.

Price – £22

Yoga Belts

d-ring belts

Yoga belts or straps are used to help you to stretch safely into postures, and to hold legs and shoulders in place. The belt can be used in various ways to help you lengthen the spine, release deep hamstrings muscles, as well as support the body into deeper twists.

Experiment by using your yoga belt in Pashimottanasana (seated forward bend) if you can’t touch your toes, or to hold on to in Gomukhasana (cow face pose) if your fingers don’t quite reach behind your back.

Lightweight, but sturdy, this D-ring yoga belt has an easy to use metal buckle that allows you to adjust the length of the belt and safely secure it in place.

100% natural cotton and machine washable.

Available in Deep purple & Royal Blue

Price – £7


Yoga Blocks and Bricks

yoga blocksyoga brickshalf block



Strong but lightweight yoga blocks – an aid for sitting, modifying postures and support. High grade non-toxic blocks made from eco-friendly material. Long lasting and strong, but also extremely light to carry around.

Available in several colours:  Black, Royal Blue, Purple, Pale Pink, Cerise, Ocean Green

Full block £6 each 
Half thickness block £4 each 
Bricks £7.50 each

Eye Pillows


Filled with Lavender and flaxseed to rest your eyes. You can use them for relaxation during yoga sessions to block out light, put a little pressure onto the front of the eyes in turn sending messages to the brain to relax body and mind. You can use fresh from the fridge to rest tired eyes and reduce puffiness or warm from the radiator to get that melting feeling!

Eye pillows with removable 100% cotton covers. Machine washable for hygiene. 27cm x 9cm

A selection of beautiful colours to chose from. eyepillowcolours


Price: £9.00 each




If you place your order in advance then I can bring your chosen item to your class, saving you money for P&P. Students can place their order by clicking here. Please specify the colour you want and the class that you will collect it at.

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