5 minute hand & wrist sequence

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Many yoga asanas like downward facing dog and plank, for example, require weight bearing on the hands and wrists. Upper body and core strength is required for these asanas, but the weakness in the wrists can prove to be more limiting.

Try these simple but very effective exercises for the hands and wrists.  They will only take 5 minutes  and if you practice them every day, you’ll notice how much more confident you feel to take your own body weight.

Finger Flicks


  • Start by standing with the arms by your side, bend your forearms at the elbow and make a fist with your hands. Open and close the hands 5 times, making sure the fingers are stretched and splayed each time you open them.
  • Now straighten your arms in front of your body, so they are shoulder height with the palms facing down. Open and close the hands 5 times as before.
  • handsabovehead_200x125Stretch the arms above your head with the hand facing forward and open and close the hands as before.
  • Open the arms now away from the head and lower them to shoulder height – repeat 5 open / close of the hands.  Lower the arms and give them a bit of free movement to release.
  • Bend the elbows and bring the forearms in front. Rotate both your hands at the wrists in an outward circular motion for 5 rotations and inwards for 5 rotations.

Push the wall

  • Straighten your arms in frarmsoutstretched_200x125ont of you, shoulder height and flex the wrists, palms facing away from you and the fingers  pointing up to the ceiling. Push the heel of your hands away from you for 3 breaths.
  • Open the arms wide away from the body, finger tips pointing toward the ceiling and push the hands away from you – imagine you are pushing two converging walls for 3 breaths.
  • Rotate the hands behind you so your fingers are pointing behind you. Push the heels of your hands away for 3 breaths.
  • outstretchedarmdown_200x125Rotate the arms once more so the fingers are now pointing downwards.  Ensure your shoulders are relaxed here and not tensing up to the ears.
  • Now bring the fingers back up towards the ceiling and rotate your arms at the shoulders so the fingers are now pointing in-front you.  Pushing the palms away for 3 breaths.
  • armsinfrontfingersdown_200xTurn the hands round so the fingers are pointing to the ceiling and take the arms in-front of you once more so the thumbs are side by side. Separate the hands at the thumbs, keeping the wrists touching so now the heel of the hands are on top and the fingers are pointing towards the floor.


Lower the arms and give them a bit of free movement to release.

Prhandsinprayer_200x125ayer to Lotus flower

  • Brings the hands in prayer mudra,  in-front  but off your chest.


  • Bring the elbows wide and the forearms horizontal.  Slowly part the heel of your hands. The entire length of the fingers (thumbs will only touch at the top pad) should be pressed against each other. Remain for 3 breaths.


  • Close the hands once more, bringing the elbows and forearms together. Now open the finger tips, keeping the wrists pressed together. Remain for 3 breaths.


Finally give both your hands a good shake allowing your wrists and fingers to be loose and free.








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