A beginners class, at last!

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yoga in the workplace

Due to popular demand, I am really pleased to dedicate a class to those who are new to yoga.


This beginners yoga class has been designed to teach the founding principles of Yoga by introducing you to basic postures, breathing and relaxation to align both mind and body.

I will guide you step by step through the class helping you to build strong foundations, paying close attention to individual adjustment. I encourage each student to work at their own pace, encouraging the body & mind to gain suppleness & strength, in time, without pressure or intensity.

You will also find that once you close the door to external stimuli and focus your attention on your practice, you will begin to ‘experience’ and maximise the benefits of the ‘here and now’. Mindfulness, being  an area I feel very passionate about.

Launch date:  Wednesday 27th February 2013

Venue:  The Windmill Studio, Pembroke Road, Ruislip Manor

Day/Time:  Wednesday 10.00am – 11.15am


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“The things I really love about Jo’s classes are the variety (no two classes are the same), the incorporation of breathing exercises and meditation techniques and her attention to detail. The classes are challenging, which is good. Jo seems to know instinctively what level to pitch them at, without letting us take it too easy !  I have been reminded again that I love yoga and meditation and they they lead to relaxation and a sense of inner calm. “    Kathryn, Tuesday pm group class                                                                                                                more testimonials here



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