Feel a cold coming on ??? Stop it manifesting with Surya Bhedana

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Group of friends with colds outside in winterHave you got a cold, feel like one is on the way or know someone else who has ??  Chances are you’re nodding right now and that is because this time of year we tend to be vulnerable to picking up colds and coughs, and bugs whilst our internal thermostat works harder to regulate between the cold or damp temperatures outside and the central heating indoors.

It’s Good to Breathe

Practice Surya Bhedana Pranayama to cleanse the sinuses, nasal passages and help to dry out dampness in the lungs. Bacteria loves to live in warm, damp environments,  but if you make your body a less desirable home for bacteria to manifest, it won’t be hanging around and it won’t be multiplying in size either.  By inhaling via the right nostril (the sun channel) and exhaling via the left nostril (the moon channel) we begin to cleanse the nasal passage of bacteria & germs that reside amongst the mucus & hairs.  By controlling the breath we also stimulate a positive effect on the nervous system, de-stressing the body & mind, calming the thoughts and allowing greater focus & clarity to be experienced.  Give it a go with my  step by step below.

Surya Bhedana – Sanskrit translation  =  Sun Piercing

1. Sit in a simple cross legged position, you can sit back on your heels or even sit in a chair if this is more comfortable. Sit tall with a straight spine. Begin to watch the breath and with the next exhalation acknowledge your pelvis releasing and rooting beneath you.

2. Raise your right hand to your nose and keep the left hand on the left thigh/knee with the palm facing up. Place your index and middle finger of the right hand in the space between your brows (the Ajna Chakra, third eye ). Place the thumb near the right nostril and the little and ring finger near the left nostril.

3. Take a breath in through both nostrils, close off the right side and exhale fully from the left. At the end of the exhalation immediately close off the left nostril, release the right side and inhale, slowly and fully.

4. Continue for another 2 or 3 cycles, each time inhaling through the right nostril & exhaling through the left,  pausing just for a moment after the inhalation before the exhalation. Make sure both the inhalation and exhalation are of equal length and that you are not straining. Take a moment to look at your posture, ensure your spine is still upright and your shoulders are relaxed. Release tension in your jaw and ensure your teeth are not clenched together.

5. Now we are going to add the Jalandhara Bandha (throat lock). On completion of the next inhalation, close off the right nostril and tip the chin down to the chest. Hold the breath and bandha for a comfortable 5-10 seconds, then raise the chin, release the lock and exhale the breath from the left nostril.

6. Continue full rounds, as above for about 5 minutes. During the bandha, acknowledge the pause, the stillness and internal space.
Replace the right hand on to the thigh and watch the breath settle to a natural pattern.

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