I brought the ‘rabbit’ out of its warren today

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Rabbit Posture - ShashankasanaI’m so pleased that I brought Shashankasana, rabbit pose into classes this week.  It’s a particularly refreshing counter posture to experience, especially following Parivrtta Trikonasana (twisted triangle) which is very strong on the hamstrings, the spine  and internal organs.

Rabbit pose has endless benefits for example:

  • It gently stretches the spine allowing the discs and fluids to expand within their space, improving the flexibility and posture of the spine and reducing back ache and compression.
  •  The crown of the head is placed lightly on the floor and because it sits lower than the heart, more blood is sent to the brain. Stimulating increased memory, clarity, energy and vitality together with enhanced self esteem
  •  It also massages the thyroid gland and lymph nodes encouraging better elimination of the bodies toxins and impurities and helps with balancing the bodies hormones.
  •  Shashankasana helps to internalize the senses. The body is very compact in this posture and we can acknowledge how the breath and pulse are slowing down as well as connecting with the subtle feelings that are unique to each of us.

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