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Yoga posture - Purna UtkatasanaIn your yoga practice, do you find it painful, crouching on your toes and sitting back on your heels in squat position,  for example in Purna Utkatasana or Deepasana??

Why are my feet so painful ?

The discomfort is due to tightness in the muscles and tendons under your foot. Causes for this restricted movement is mainly down to the fact that you spend most of your day wearing shoes that limit the movements that your feet can make so you tend to keep your feet quite rigid instead of allowing the foot to naturally adjust using the muscles.  High heeled shoes are definitely to blame, ladies!

Repetitive movements too, like running and cycling where your foot remains in a static position and the tendons become tense and shortened are also causes.

Regular yoga practice is going to help you to maintain the flexibility of all your muscles and tendons but if they need a little help in the meantime …

Try this really useful tip, all you need is golf ball.Image - foot & golf ball

  1.  Sit down on a chair so that your feet are flat on  the ground.
  2.  Place the golf ball under your right foot and roll your foot forward and backwards.
  3.  Then move your foot in large circles starting at the outer edge of the ball of the foot all the way to the heal and back along the inside edge (instep)of the foot .
  4. Notice where areas of your foot feel more sensitive or sore and pay more attention to gently massaging those points.
  5.  Adjust the pressure you use depending on how deep you want to massage them and stretch the foot.
  6.  After 10 minutes massaging the right foot, move the golf ball and repeat on the left foot.
  7.  Repeat this technique every day for a week and enjoy the results.

It ‘s such a simple but effective tip.  I’ve been doing it and I immediately noticed the difference!  I have found my yoga practice has deepenend during the Sun Saluation sequence, moving into ‘ready to run’ is more comfortable and I can focus on expanding my ribs and dropping into my hips rather than being distracted by my tight feet.

After doing this for 1 week, please let me know how different your foot feel by replying to this post.

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Important Note – If you have an injury to your foot or leg please consult your doctor to check that this exercise is suitable for you.  Similarly, you have to be sensible as far as what pressure you apply to the golf ball.

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  1. Hi Just to say I have been doing the golf ball exercises and it really has helped. As a runner my hamstrings and feet get really tight. These exercises are really great. I have noticed when I do seated forward bends and Dog Posture that I can really lengthen my stretch!

    It is so easy, I just sit at my office desk and do it whilst I am working. If you haven’t tried it yet I would?

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