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Image Tia Tran

Image Tia Tran

If you were in my Harrow on the Hill class last Tuesday evening you will have noticed a high ratio of men to women. Actually, exactly half of my students were GUYS!!

They want to increase their flexibility, reduce their risk of injury and strengthen their joints because on other nights & at the weekends they are playing football, cricket & squash, practising martial arts,  capoeira, rock climbing, mountain biking and extreme obstacle course racing.

It’s official, Yoga is not just for the girls any more.

The following article is from GQ Magazine (UK)

By Tony Parsons 08 March 13

Yoga: your flexible friend

For a man, it is hard to start learning yoga. Taking up boxing, martial arts, anything where you get smacked in the cakehole on a regular basis – all these things are easy to begin, if not actually easy to do, because they let us remain in our manly, testosterone-soaked comfort zone. And yoga takes you out of it.

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Yoga’s image is overwhelmingly feminine. Yoga conjures up visions of beautiful women bending their bodies into impossible shapes to the gentle tinkle of temple bells. But this just in – men can do yoga too. And it will change your life.

But to start learning yoga, a man needs to break through the blush barrier. Moving your body like that looks hard. The spiritual dimension of yoga appears intimidating. And because yoga has the image of quiet rooms full of lithe women bending over backwards, most men feel far too shy to take that first step. Yoga feels like it is not for them – not for us; it’s too difficult, too girly, a fitness regime too far. But the few brave men who take up yoga find themselves falling in love, and wondering how they ever lived without it.

Even if you are a veteran of gyms and dojos, even if you have been playing for Manchester United for more than 20 years – Ryan Giggs is yoga’s greatest male advocate in the UK – yoga is like nothing you have ever done. As Giggs has pointed out, most fitness regimes – weights, running, cycling – concentrate on strengthening one part of your body. In yoga, you use everything. After Giggs had his first lesson, he went home and slept for three hours. It’s gentle but there is nothing soft about it; non-competitive, yet demanding. In America there is a 20-year tradition of yoga jocks – professional athletes in the NFL, NBA and NHL who prolonged their careers with yoga. What I am trying to tell you is – yoga isn’t Zumba, and yoga isn’t Pilates. Real men do yoga.

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