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I have never been much of a runner, it never felt natural, I seemed to struggle with my breath and couldn’t run very far. Needless to say, I didn’t maintain a regular running routine and my ability or endurance didn’t improve.

But ……… with some encouraging guidance on technique and some motivating company, I’ve actually started to enjoy running. I never thought I would hear the words roll off my tongue, but I’m really finding it invigorating.

Like my Yoga practice, running requires regular and continued attention and as a reward, I receive a great cardio workout, enhancement to my lung capacity, increased stamina, leg toning and strength, abdominal toning plus the opportunity to enjoy and witness the great outdoors. All of the above, complimenting my Yoga lifestyle beautifully.

It becomes a moving meditation on mindfulness as you acknowledge the sounds of the trees moving with wind, the birds and insects around you. I noticed that running has also instilled sharper clarity in my vision, colours and shapes becoming more vibrant as the oxygen rich air is pumped around the body.

Of course, going out for a run with the sun rising over head, glimpsing through the trees with a slight cool breeze and the sea in the distance is the ideal scenario ! ……..but we gotta take what we’re given at the end of the day, so make the most of these warm late summer days and get your trainers on.

I highly recommend running with a friend or colleague and if you need some guidance, contact a local running group or personal trainer to keep you inspired and improving.

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